Brian Center Fincastle receives “Best Practice Award” from parent company Kissito Healthcare

Fincastle, VA. – The first reported huddle in football dates to 1894 at Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf. The quarterback was worried about the other team reading his sign language and he “huddled” his team to communicate with teammates. Nearly 130 years later, the leadership team at the Brian Center Fincastle is using the “huddle” to ensure resident care expectations are exceeded.

The center was recognized by their parent company, Kissito Healthcare, for their “morning huddle” and received the annual “Best Practice” award, which acknowledges an implemented practice at a Kissito Healthcare center that enhances the care of the residents, their families, or improves the professional environment for employees.

The leadership team at the Brian Center Fincastle conducts a morning or stand-up meeting with the department heads throughout the center. Once that meeting is completed, there is a call for the “morning huddle” at the nurses’ station.

The huddle will go over topics pertinent to the upcoming day. These topics may include admissions, discharges, transports, departments that may need assistance, lunch, alternate activities for residents, events, family visits, upcoming tours, and recognize new employees, employee shout-outs and nominations for Employee of the Month.

“Providing quality care is about communication between all the caregivers,” said Chuck Flynn, Chief Administrative Officer for the Brian Center Fincastle. “This includes not just our clinical teams, but housekeeping, dietary, therapy and social services.

“It’s an honor and testament to our employees at Fincastle to be recognized by our leaders at Kissito Healthcare,” Flynn continued.

About Kissito Healthcare:
Kissito Healthcare (KHC), a Christian-based organization, operates eight skilled nursing, rehabilitation, long-term care, and assisted living centers in Virginia and North Carolina. KHC centers have been recognized by the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living for quality care. Our core values are “Integrity, Passion, Excellence, and Respect (IPER).”