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Kissito Healthcare exists for the betterment and care of life, and operates seven skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and transitional care centers, one assisted living center, throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Kissito Healthcare is a non-profit health care provider.
Our core values of Integrity, Passion, Excellence and Respect (IPER) are real and have daily meaning in our commitment to providing quality care, therapy and improving the life of our residents. We seek to engage with people who aligned with our values and purpose.

We are a Christian-based organization, and those life-shaping lessons have provided a blueprint for how to treat and care for others.

Our purpose is simple: to focus on health care solutions for complex and challenging issues facing our senior citizen and medically challenged populations, our communities, and provide careers that empower our employees to learn, grow and be positive influences on their families and communities.

This purpose is exemplified in our daily commitment to providing skilled nursing and occupational, speech, and physical therapy to our communities. Our centers have been recognized statewide and nationally for the quality care provided to our residents, families, and communities.

We seek solutions which will have an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of our communities. We are highly collaborative, often acting as a catalyst for the work of others. All our work is encouraged to be shared, so collectively we might accomplish better outcomes for more people.

We often say, our mission will be done when we are no longer needed. Until that time, know that a loved one will receive quality care from our caring teams.

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Our team is committed to becoming your partner, your guide, and your resource. 

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Find answers to questions you may have about care at a Kissito Healthcare location. 

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