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Kissito Healthcare: Payor Resources

Navigating the options for paying for a long-term care, therapy or assisted living can be confusing for families. Our goal is to provide resources and assistance to help families make this important health care decision for yourself or a loved one. Please also review our Paying for Care Blog post

Learn more about the most common methods of paying for care below. 

Medicaid is a government health program administered by the federal and state governments for qualifying individuals and families. It is a needs-based program, meaning only low-income individuals for coverage. State guidelines for qualifying may vary from state to state. 

Medicare is a federal health insurance program mainly for people over 65 years of age, younger people with certain disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease.

Medicare Part A helps cover inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing care stays, Hospice care, and some home health services. 

Families or individuals can opt for paying for skilled nursing services and therapy out-of-pocket.

Individuals can purchase long-term care insurance policies through various companies. Policies often can cover skilled care, therapy, respite services, home health and other health-related services. Coverage varies by providers. 



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