Focusing on staff development with trainings empowers teams at Kissito centers in providing quality care for residents

The skilled nursing facility (SNF) profession is one that has many different skills sets and educational backgrounds as individuals enter the profession. From college educations to community colleges, and even those being exposed to SNFs by volunteering, everyone brings diverse skills and experiences to the benefit of residents and their families.

The profession continues to evolve as care models change, the complexity of clinical care increases, and the needs of residents, families, and caregivers change over the years. As those change, the need to continually adapt and incorporate new skills for caregivers is crucial to success. So, employees also must continually improve themselves with further trainings and education.

Not only does this improve the care of residents but provides an employee benefit for them to continue to grow professionally and personally. That is why Kissito Healthcare makes continuing education, trainings, and encouragement for employees to better themselves a priority for all team members.

This blog will explore some of the trainings and opportunities Kissito Healthcare employees are provided so we may accomplish our mission of focus on health care solutions for complex and challenging issues facing our senior citizen and medically-challenged populations, our communities, and provide careers that empower our employees to learn, grow and be positive influences on their families and communities.

Skills Day Trainings:
Skills Day trainings at Kissito Healthcare centers bring together employee, outside training agencies, and leadership teams to reinforce previous education and trainings, as well as learn some new skills for the team. Recently, the Brian Center Fincastle hosted their skills day for employees.

Six stations were set up in the Dining Room for review and return demonstration from our employees on several different topics. One topic included urinary tract infections and infection control. Training was related to catheter usage and return demonstration station for all nurses and certified nursing assistants on caring for and changing foley catheters, to good technique on managing the care of foley catheters.

Educations also included trainings on normal lab values, Situation – Background – Assessment – Recommendation (SBAR – a quick, efficient, and clear communication from and between healthcare professionals integral to treating and caring for patients). Trainings also included the STOP method (which you stop and perform a detailed clinical assessment, contact nursing supervisor prior to contacting the on-call doctor).

Other stations included handwashing techniques with the local Health Department, APT testing which tells you how many germs are on a surface, and glucose monitoring.

Carilion Clinic performed education on infection control and Candias Auris, a fungus that can cause infection and illness in humans, the respiratory department on new vents for the facility, usage of Bi-pap machines, suctioning and trach care. Restorix Medics taught wound education on types of wounds, tagging and appropriate dressings.

Leadership Trainings:
Recently, the leadership teams from Kissito Healthcare’s seven skilled nursing, rehabilitation, long-term care and one assisted living center gathered to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training from Robinette BLS & CPR. This was just one of several trainings for the leadership teams, who will eventually return to their centers and reinforce these critical skills to their teams. Other trainings performed were IV therapy training, and more planned over the coming months.

Every Kissito Healthcare employee is required to complete online training hours to stay current with license requirements and updated on the latest techniques and profession standards for providing care. The Relias platform has more than 3,000 courses built by leading healthcare experts. As a member of the Kissito Healthcare team, employees have access to unique trainings for the skilled nursing profession.

Author: Stephanie Clay
Corporate Director of Clinical Services, Kissito Healthcare