Giving thanks to SNF caregivers, families, and our communities everyday

As we gather with loved ones, friends, and our communities to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, it is the perfect time to give thanks to the thousands of caregivers in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) across the United States that provide quality care to almost 1.4 million people receiving care.

Our care communities are more than places where a loved one is recuperating from an illness or injury. We are more than a building with four walls that provides long-term care for those residents facing medical challenges. We are more than a place of employment that provides our team members with a paycheck and benefits.

We are leaders in our profession and our centers are community hubs. We host events, not just for our residents to enjoy, but to connect them to members of the community and keep the community connected to us. From fall festivals to classic car shows, to Halloween events for children in the community, we remain visible and keep our residents active and engaged with the community. We are your friends and neighbors who have chosen to lift others up and help residents achieve their highest potential.

Kissito Healthcare, a Christian-based SNF provider, strives to not only give our residents the clinical, rehabilitative, and respiratory care they need, but also meet their spiritual and social needs. The holidays are a special time and hold many memories for our residents and their families, and we endeavor to make them as special as possible while they are in our care.

While many people this week are reflecting and feeling grateful for the gifts God has provided us, our employees are planning or hosting special Thanksgiving Day celebrations for our residents and their families. They do these special dinners so residents can share this special meal and time together with family and friends.

We do this in addition to providing top-notch quality care. That is because what we do is more than a job. It goes beyond education and training to be in this profession. To be a SNF caregiver speaks on the kindness and compassion in their hearts goes so far beyond that what is listed in a job description. They are dedicated. They are committed to giving our residents an environment that they can heal, grow, and achieve their highest goals clinically possible.

Like all healthcare providers over the past several years, SNFs have faced extraordinary circumstances in providing care and keeping their residents safe in a changing profession. They display courage daily. They show others the value of care for those in need.

So, as you join hands, and bow your heads in prayer at the dinner table, please take a moment to think of SNF employees and their families that provide care for our residents. From our dietary teams who prepare meals, activity employees who keep residents active and engaged, housekeepers who keep our centers homelike to the administrative teams and so many more; thank you for all that you do!

Author: Mary Ferrell
Vice President of Operations, Kissito Healthcare