Time dedicated for rehabilitation, therapy is time well spent for SNF residents

Maureen shanahan in front of kissito healthcare sign

525,600 minutes. One year. A lot can happen in one year.

Births, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and travel can all make a particular year special in our memories. Injury and illness also have the potential to make a year stand out in our minds. Lives could be changed in an instant from a fall with injuries, a stroke, or other illnesses that may require post-hospitalization therapy.

The recovery can be a long and slow battle. Daily improvements, which might seem like small steps, eventually add up to a resident reaching their highest level of functioning possible. However, focused physical therapy and rehabilitation with therapists who specialize in treating the senior population can improve the speed and success of recovery, but it takes time and patience.

Not the kind of time one may be thinking. It takes time spent with a rehab and therapy team working on personal treatment and a care plan designed to ensure the resident’s clinical, social, spiritual, and therapy goals are met. Kissito Healthcare rehabilitation therapists are trained to identify the specific treatment plan needed for a successful return to the community.

Therapists then spend the time with each patient that is needed to get them there.

Kissito Healthcare therapists, working in seven locations, provide more than 3 million minutes of therapy every year. For the 1,172 patients served in the last 12 months, that is an average of 42 hours of focused treatment time per person. Beyond treatment time, our whole team invests time with residents and their families to assist with transitioning back to the community or to the next level of care.

We will meet with each patient to understand their needs for discharge success and if needed we can arrange additional therapy services at that time.

Intense, personal treatment targeted to specific needs, and is focused on success. That is time well spent, and our thanks and appreciation go out to all therapists across Kissito Healthcare, and the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) profession for their dedication and commitment to care.

With it being National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, now is an excellent time to acknowledge the many benefits that can arise from rehab programs. It highlights the positive impact rehabilitation and therapy services make in the lives of people in need.

Author: Maureen Shanahan
Regional Director of Rehab, Kissito Healthcare