Welcome to the Kissito Healthcare Blog

Robert mcclintic, ceo of kissito healthcare, holding his glasses in front of a blue wall with a kissito sign on it.

Service to others is the greatest calling one can answer, and as healthcare providers we have dedicated ourselves to the betterment and enrichment of our residents and their families. As a profession, healthcare is beginning to transition and look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons we learned about ourselves and the bonds that bind our mission and values together for the betterment of our residents.

We are excited to welcome audiences to our first Kissito Healthcare Blog article. With this blog we will discuss topics about Kissito Healthcare, the long-term care profession and provide educational information for individuals seeking care for a loved one or those looking for information about joining our exciting team and profession.

We understand that thinking about nursing home care for a loved might be scary for a lot of families. It is our goal to provide those looking for care with answers to questions they may have about the process of finding care for a loved one, what to expect for life in a skilled nursing facility, the types of care they may receive and what to expect after returning to your home. 

For those seeking a new future or a career direction, our blog will explore the many opportunities for a career path in long-term care and what roles those careers play in providing care of nursing home residents. There will be an increased need for health care workers in the skilled nursing profession as the Baby Boomer generation hits retirement age.

We invite you to follow our blog to learn more about these topics, our commitment to our residents, their families, our employees, and the communities we call home.  

Our core values of Integrity, Passion, Excellence, and Respect (IPER) are real and have daily meaning in our work. We seek to engage with people aligned with our values and purpose.

Author: Robert McClintic, Chief Executive Officer, Kissito Healthcare